OSF Saint Anthony’s TAVR team was about to do their 100th patient. They were going to be having a celebration and inviting all of the TAVR patients to celebrate them. We created this video to be played at the event. A little info on the TAVR procedure – it is a non intrusive surgery that replaces the aortic heart valve.¬†The Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) offers hope for heart patients¬†with inoperable aortic stenosis (failing heart valves). TAVR valves are inserted via a catheter through the femoral artery, without requiring open heart surgery.

This project posed a bit of a challenge, as we were actually in the OR. Clearly we had to adjust to the environment and stay out of the way while still trying to get the footage we were asked to get. Overall it was an extremely knowledgable and exciting day. We scrubbed up and delivered. The team was extremely happy with the results and professionalism the Vixen crew had throughout the day.

We conducted the interviews in a room that limited our options for for setup. We had a power outlet that was originally in all the interviews that had to be removed in post. Take a look at our before and after.


Testimonial Video/Procedure Video


OSF Saint Anthony Hospital

What We Did

Full day shoot filming Dr. Interviews and procedures, Patient Testimonials, Audio cleanup, Edit, Color, and graphic opener.

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