Website Launch!

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Well, it’s long and overdue but Vixen finally has a new and updated website. Ta-da! Take a look around and let us know what you think (leave comments!) This will be our new home and it’ll be updated often so make sure you keep coming back. We’ll post new videos, old videos, never before seen videos, info on us (the crew), and pretty much anything we think is worth sharing…that will probably include funny pictures taken from Vixen’s creeper window.

A couple quick notes, we’ll be releasing our first short in a few weeks. We won’t tell you what its about but if you’ve seen some of our previous work you’ll see some familiar faces *cough * wishful thinker clothing.

The music video giveaway will be approaching soon so get ready for that:) We’ll send out info and write a post about it when it’s time…then you can tell your musically inclined friends to enter. You can view last years winner here. Lights Alive – The Fight

We’ll be doing some fun shoots at the end of this month so stay tuned for those too. Until then enjoy our new home and tell your friends about us!!

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