We won a DV Award!

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2013 winner


2013 winner

Vixen Productions 2013 DV Award

We’re really excited to receive this award for the 2013 spring DV Awards! We put a lot of hard work into 2012 and this gives us something tangible to look at and remind us that what we’re doing is recognized in our industry as outstanding, and that is always our goal for our clients is to create something outstanding and eye catching. The piece we entered was the Raynor // Great American Garage Doors video that we shot and released at the end of 2012. You can find the video here.


Here’s a little info about the DV Awards:

The DV Awards is a new and exciting international competition celebrating outstanding creative and technical achievements in the emerging world of digital video production. From independent films, commercials, corporate communications and industrial videos to 3D animation, special effects and event videos, dozens of categories are recognized.

With the advent and increasing affordability of digital video, a rising number of outstanding productions are not being produced in multimillion dollar film and television studios, but in small desktop studios, manned by a few determined and creative individuals. The DV awards were created to honor these individuals and their accomplishments.

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