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Looking for Freelance Assistant Editor(s)

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We are looking for an Editor to assist with projects. A lot of weddings, music videos, corporate/commercials, etc. Using Premiere is preferred but not required. Must be able to meet deadlines and be reliable, as well as take constructive criticism. Would like to have someone ASAP, could lead to a pretty ongoing freelance gig. If interested email lonnie@vixenproductions.net with the subject line “Assistant Editor” and any links to your work.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Edit. What Makes a Great Editor.

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I was editing an interview the other day and while I was fighting with trying to get this pesky outlet out of one of my shots (which I did finally do) I thought “how did I learn this?” – I realized I didn’t. People always ask me what I do and how do I create these videos that evoke emotion. Honestly, I really didn’t know. So I thought about it and I came up with this: Instinct.

So much of what I do is based on my instinct of when to cut and what shot to take. I watch things over and over, spend hours going through footage, and I watch and cut based on my interpretation and feel of when things need to happen or not happen. The next and arguably the most important point is rhythm. There is a rhythm to every edit I do and there are no right or wrong answers – again its instinct. Things and events need time to evoke emotion, and your job is to manipulate and create this feeling to the best of your abilities. Even industrial videos have rhythm. So much of what I do can’t really be taught. Sure, you can teach the basics and the concepts, but to be a good editor you have to have instinct and rhythm. Each editor will have a different style based off these attributes. It takes tons of practice and I’m still learning after editing for 10 years. Life experiences somehow add growth to my editing in ways I can’t really explain.

Emotion is also a big player in creating my edits – I have to really understand emotion and know how to portray that visually but invisibly so that when you watch my video, you don’t notice that it was pieced to make you feel a certain way. I’m a very quiet person, especially in groups, but what most of you don’t know is I’m studying you. I’m watching facial expressions and body language because it helps me understand emotion and how to manipulate images to connect those emotions to my edit. I pick up a lot about a person that they probably don’t notice about themselves. It’s true what they say about quiet people having the loudest mind – My mind is always reeling.

2013 winner

We won a DV Award!

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2013 winner

Vixen Productions 2013 DV Award

We’re really excited to receive this award for the 2013 spring DV Awards! We put a lot of hard work into 2012 and this gives us something tangible to look at and remind us that what we’re doing is recognized in our industry as outstanding, and that is always our goal for our clients is to create something outstanding and eye catching. The piece we entered was the Raynor // Great American Garage Doors video that we shot and released at the end of 2012. You can find the video here.


Here’s a little info about the DV Awards:

The DV Awards is a new and exciting international competition celebrating outstanding creative and technical achievements in the emerging world of digital video production. From independent films, commercials, corporate communications and industrial videos to 3D animation, special effects and event videos, dozens of categories are recognized.

With the advent and increasing affordability of digital video, a rising number of outstanding productions are not being produced in multimillion dollar film and television studios, but in small desktop studios, manned by a few determined and creative individuals. The DV awards were created to honor these individuals and their accomplishments.

Buy A Vixen Shirt!

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IMG_8383_outWe got new shirts and you can get one too! Designed by our good friend Isabel over at Wishful Thinker Clothing and screen printed by the dynamic duo at Pirate Ninja Print Shop, both did an excellent job. Highly recommend their services. As for our new shirt it’s American Apparel ( Tri-blend) so it’s nice and soft!(Unisex sizes)

Note: if your size is sold out email us at info@vixenproductions.net tell us the size you want and we’ll make sure you get one with the next order.


Rockford Weddings

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We are now a registered RockfordWeddings.com vendor! What is that? A one stop shop for all your planning needs. You can go to our vendor page by clicking here. If we’ve worked with you please leave a comment and tell the brides to be what you thought of our services. Stay Tuned for our 2013 wedding videos as we have some pretty cool ideas up our sleeves and can’t wait to put them into action. We still have available dates so feel free to contact us for quotes and options. rockford-weddings-home

Behind Every Great American Garage Band

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This is an article from the Rockford Register Star about the Raynor garage door video we produced:

Dixon-based Raynor rock in tribute video ad to garage bands

You’d think Ian Zander is a young Rick Nielsen, with guitar in hand, baseball cap bill turned upward, dumbfounded look and general jumping-around-ness.

Zander, son of Cheap Trick lead singer Robin Zander, plays Nielsen, also of the Rockford-based band, in a new video created to market Dixon-based Raynor Garage Doors.

The bangin’ music of The Pimps fills the audio while Zander and several 20-somethings act like big-name musicians rockin’ out in a garage.

The video aims to capture the excitement of raw and simple music created by bands with young and amateurish members who got their start in garages, mostly in the 1960s.

The tagline: “Behind every great American garage band is a great American garage door. Making great American garage doors since 1944.” At the end, the Raynor logo appears on a garage door. Watch the video here.

“It’s a whimsical approach to tie in the broad appeal of rock and roll,” said Peter Elsenbach, director of marketing for Raynor. “It has an edgier feel,” he said, compared with other videos produced by garage door makers that are instructional in nature.

The minute-long video will be trimmed in the next six months to 15- to 30-second spots. Raynor’s 800 distributors across the nation can place those on cable TV and their social media outlets, Elsenbach said.

Raynor makes mostly steel residential, commercial and industrial garage doors. It employs about 400 people, most in Dixon, and operates a distributorship, Raynor Door Authority, in Loves Park. Elsenbach estimates Raynor’s competitors at about a dozen.

Lonnie Iske of Vixen Productions, who plays Robin Zander in the video, produced the Raynor: Great American Garage Doors piece.

Mike Bunjan, owner of Bunj Killer Creative of Byron, came up with the idea and led its execution. He is a drummer, who has played with several local rock bands.

The aim of video is to “get the brand out there,” Elsenbach said. “You don’t see many players in the market targeting consumers,” he said.

But consumers — even more aware these days that garages represent 30 percent of a home’s curb appeal — are demanding more in terms of the way their garages look, he said. Raynor is responding partly by creating more colors for the doors, Elsenbach said.

“You might not need a garage door next week, but in the next 10 to 20 years, you will.”

Georgette Braun: 815-987-1331; gbraun@rrstar.com;@GeorgetteBraun


Mexico | We Want You

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So we have some exciting news to announce! Unfortunately we can’t disclose all of the information….yet. Our own Neil Bloom is on his way to Mexico for two months, he left yesterday Friday (Oct, 19th) to film for a show that will most likely be on a very big name channel. He stops first in Texas for a couple days and then he’s off to Mexico. This all started by covering an event here in Rockford last month (big thank you to all of the people that helped out!) and has seemed to escalate into something bigger than we anticipated. As soon as we are able to spill the beans, we will 🙂 The rest of us at Vixen will miss him, but in the meantime we must stay behind and take care of all our other projects. We wish him lots of luck! Please be safe, and don’t drink the water!


Moving on to the second part of our post: We Want YOU! We would like to compile a small list of freelancers to contact for future projects. Here is what we are looking for:

-Solid camera ops

-Strong editors

-Motion graphics/animators/ VFX artists

-VO artists

If you are interested in one or more of the above positions (specify in subject line), send examples of your work and tell us a bit about yourself. If we like what we see, we will contact you, and set up an interview. Send to info@vixenproductions.net





An Adventure Through Farmland

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From time to time a project comes our way that really inspires us and we were lucky enough to have that last month. Choices Natural Market sent us to some of their local vendors to take photos that will be displayed in the store. Vixen visited 5 different locations and gathered hundreds of photos. We went to farms with beautiful produce and witnessed all the hard work that is put into farming, got close to farm animals including goats and chickens. We hiked through woods and brush in a gorgeous pasture to track down cows. Vixen got uncomfortable standing in the middle of  a bee farm with hundreds of bees buzzing around our heads, and flying into us. We were completely unprotected yet managed to get out, without being stung! Our last stop was at a coffee roastery that smelled absolutely amazing, from all the coffee beans that have been selected from around the world. We had so much fun visiting all these places, each and every person we met along the way was absolutely great and amazing at what they do. We walked away inspired and we hope it shined through in our photos. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the shots, as well as some video we grabbed along the way.


Thank you to all the locations that allowed us to come out:

Pine Row Farms

Q-7 Ranch

Hazzard Free Farm

Raines Honey Farm


Block 5 – Cory Chisel & The Wandering Sons

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Digging through our video library we came across a video we did for Block 5 a couple years ago that featured Cory Chisel & the Wandering Sons. Block 5 is coming up in a couple of weeks, so you should be sure to check it out (August 25th). This video will hopefully get you in the mood for this festival, they close off the 500 block of E. State St in Rockford IL, which happens to be the block Vixen is located on. The restaurants set up patios on the sidewalk so you can enjoy their delicious cuisine accompanied by the always-great music brought in. Restaurants you can be sure to check out include: The Irish Rose, Abreo, Social, Delia Italia, Bamboo, and you can stop in and get some drinks from the office or do a little shopping at Plush & Minglewood. This years music guests will be Mana Kintorso, Fresh Hot Fritters, and Honey Island Swamp Band. $5 at the gate August 25th, starts @ 6.

For those of you who are not familiar with Cory Chisel & the Wandering Sons they are an americana folk rock band who are signed with Black Seal Music a subsidiary of RCA Records. They have many accomplishments under their belt. Take a look at the Block 5 video and visit the bands website for more info.

Website Launch!

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Well, it’s long and overdue but Vixen finally has a new and updated website. Ta-da! Take a look around and let us know what you think (leave comments!) This will be our new home and it’ll be updated often so make sure you keep coming back. We’ll post new videos, old videos, never before seen videos, info on us (the crew), and pretty much anything we think is worth sharing…that will probably include funny pictures taken from Vixen’s creeper window.

A couple quick notes, we’ll be releasing our first short in a few weeks. We won’t tell you what its about but if you’ve seen some of our previous work you’ll see some familiar faces *cough * wishful thinker clothing.

The music video giveaway will be approaching soon so get ready for that:) We’ll send out info and write a post about it when it’s time…then you can tell your musically inclined friends to enter. You can view last years winner here. Lights Alive – The Fight

We’ll be doing some fun shoots at the end of this month so stay tuned for those too. Until then enjoy our new home and tell your friends about us!!