An Adventure Through Farmland

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From time to time a project comes our way that really inspires us and we were lucky enough to have that last month. Choices Natural Market sent us to some of their local vendors to take photos that will be displayed in the store. Vixen visited 5 different locations and gathered hundreds of photos. We went to farms with beautiful produce and witnessed all the hard work that is put into farming, got close to farm animals including goats and chickens. We hiked through woods and brush in a gorgeous pasture to track down cows. Vixen got uncomfortable standing in the middle of  a bee farm with hundreds of bees buzzing around our heads, and flying into us. We were completely unprotected yet managed to get out, without being stung! Our last stop was at a coffee roastery that smelled absolutely amazing, from all the coffee beans that have been selected from around the world. We had so much fun visiting all these places, each and every person we met along the way was absolutely great and amazing at what they do. We walked away inspired and we hope it shined through in our photos. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the shots, as well as some video we grabbed along the way.


Thank you to all the locations that allowed us to come out:

Pine Row Farms

Q-7 Ranch

Hazzard Free Farm

Raines Honey Farm


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  • Hans Rupert says:

    Hi –

    I was excited to see your blog post from the Facebook link about your “Adventure Through Farmland”, but no matter how I try, I can’t seem to get the slideshow of still photos to work on the iPad. Just thought I’d give you a heads-up – a LOT if traffic these days comes from mobile devices.


    – Hans

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