Steadicam Operation


A little bit about me

Rosalie Devereaux Gaffney is an award winning filmmaker who was born and raised in Harvard, IL. Ever since she was young, Rosalie loved making home movies and capturing everything on film. She attended several film camps during middle school and high school. Rosalie enrolled at Rock Valley College when she was sixteen and received her Associates in Arts degree. In October 2015, Rosalie completed the Steadicam Eastern Gold Workshop and is proficient in all aspects of the Steadicam camera stabilizing system. When not filming, Rosalie loves being with her family. She also enjoys long romantic walks on the beach; as long as they are short, platonic and nowhere near water or places she can get sand in her shoes.

Why I love what I do


I have heard the words “storytelling business” being used as a synonym for filmmaking, which is very true. I thrive on telling visual stories, no matter what crew position I am in. There is nothing like watching or being part of a crew for a well-executed shoot. Everyone works together like clockwork to make movie magic. When someone laughs at a funny line of dialogue you wrote; when someone cries at a tender moment you captured; when someone is amazed by your camera work; when someone is touched by your ability to tell a story; that is what I live for.

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