Field Recording

Pro Tools



A little bit about me

Just like all of the Vixen crew, Nathan started out at Rock Valley College’s Mass Communication program. This is where he found out that he could see himself doing this as a career. He is currently attending Rock Valley College, while also working as a student worker for the Mass Communication department. His focus is primarily audio but is also proficient with a camera. Growing up in a musical family he has always been involved and heavily influenced by music. His hope is to have a recording studio one day.

Why I love what I do

The food obviously! Filming all these events there is usually something good to eat. In all seriousness though I love being able to experience all of these incredible places with this amazing crew. It’s awesome to say we love what we do and truly mean it. Every shoot, recording, and edit session gives me something I can take and learn from. I’m constantly learning new things and trying to perfect my craft. Plus how many jobs give you an excuse to buy cool stuff.


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